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Your vision, Our mission, 

A question of values

Before talking about us, let have a word on what’s driving our priorities every day, our clients and our values being the compass of our main decisions


Caring is at the heart of our operations and it does matter
Caring is a commitment to extends beyond business outcomes to the welfare of our #people, #client and #partners
We listen attentively, We serve with empathy, and we build solutions that genuinely meet our clients' needs


Excellence drives us to exceed expectations, always going the extra mile for our clients and delivering #top #quality in everything we do.


Innovation at our core is not just about being cutting-edge; it's about being strategically efficient.
We combine creativity with practicality, ensuring that our innovations deliver tangible benefits and drive progress while #optimizing #resources


Pragmatism guides our decision-making and problem-solving, enabling us to deliver down-to-earth, effective solutions.
We prioritize practical results to achieve #impactful #outcomes in the most straightforward manner possible

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How the Fusioh adventure started ?

In 2020, a group of experts in HR transformation, Oracle Cloud HCM solutions, high-tech IT, and startups lovers came together to create Fusioh. Their mission is clear: innovate HR solutions with cutting-edge technology and AI, putting users at the center.

Fusioh envisions a seamless and intuitive digital HR experience for organizations of all sizes. We leverage our unmatched expertise to provide top-tier HCM solutions, specializing in Oracle Cloud HCM implementation, integration, and SaaS products. We also offer extension solutions that maximize the potential of Oracle HCM, ensuring our clients get the most out of their investment.

Our collaborative culture is driven by core values: Care, Excellence, Efficient Innovation, and Pragmatism. With over 30 successful projects, Fusioh has proven itself as a trusted partner. We build trust through comprehensive support, agility, and expertise, ensuring smooth HR transformations.

Whether you're a potential client, partner, or future team member, join the Fusioh journey and discover how our innovative and agile solutions can revolutionize HR management for everyone.

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Our Social and Environmental Commitments

Our Social and Environmental Commitments

At Fusioh, we are dedicated to making a positive impact on society and the environment. As a young and agile company, we have already taken significant steps and are committed to ongoing improvements.

Environmental Initiatives


  • Low Carbon Footprint : Fusioh emits very little carbon. We focus on optimizing our operations and using renewable energy to maintain our low impact.

  • Sustainable Materials : We prioritize eco-labeled and recycled products in our procurement practices.

  • Circular Economy : We engage in recycling, reducing waste, and collaborating on repair and reuse initiatives.

Social Initiatives

  • Equal Opportunities: We promote equality and diversity with clear targets to increase the representation of women and minorities in leadership roles.

  • Employee Well-being: We support our employees with health programs, flexible working hours, and a flexible vacation policy to ensure a healthy work-life balance.

Fusioh is also a signatory of the Responsible Digital Charter (Charte Numérique Responsable), reflecting our commitment to responsible digital practices.

Fusioh’s journey is just beginning, and we continue to enhance our initiatives for a greater impact.

Stay tuned for more updates as we progress...and will update you soon

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