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User Experience App
Employee 360 ​​

Compile information from different sources and tools

Target: HR, Manager & Employee

Goal: Customize and offer a unique navigation path to deliver a differentiated user experience when accessing employee data within and outside Oracle HCM

Elevated Talent Management
Easy Digital CV Generation (PPT)

Having an up-to-date and editable enriched CV for each employee, with the ability to export individually or in bulk to PPT or PDF format​

Target: HR, Recruiter, Manager

Goal: Centralize information for one or more employees to facilitate the analysis of succession plans, skills, talent programs, annual review notes, and anticipation of training needs

Employee Self-Service
Submit and verify
employees' bank details

Facilitate the transmission of your employees' banking details while eliminating any risk of error through our bank statement recognition technology

Target: HR & Employee

Goal: Use artificial intelligence and a compliance-as-a-service tool to read your banking documents and ensure the reliability of this sensitive information

From data insights to actions
HR Dashboard (Performance, C&B...)

User-friendly and interactive data visualisation application

Target: HR, HRBP, Recruiter, Managers

Goal: Improve HR teams' decision-making and efficiency with an easy to use application

Plan de travail 138 copie 3insightsuit.png


User-friendly interface for freely adding tooltips on key actions and fields

Target: All employees

Goal: Provide fit-for-purpose information on your processes and guide users within the solution

Plan de travail 148outils_insightsuite.png
Plan de travail 144appinsight.png


directly integrated

into Oracle HCM Cloud

Plan de travail 148outils_insightsuite.png
Plan de travail 148outils_insightsuite.png


to improve your

employees' user experience

Pulse Feedback

Fast and user-friendly application for collecting feedback from all your employees directly from Oracle HCM

Target: All employees

Goal: Boost your enhancement process and increase employee engagement by collecting feedback on their actual experience with the tools​

Plan de travail 148outils_insightsuite.png

Floating Guide

Fast and user-friendly application for quickly and easily delivering valuable information to your employees.

Target: All employees

Goal: Save your employees time and boost productivity by providing all your documentation directly within Oracle HCM Cloud, offering instant support on your HR concepts and processes. Offer step-by-step guidance to increase employee adoption of new processes and pages.

Plan de travail 148outils_insightsuite.png

Vertical SaaS & HR Efficiency
HR Efficiency Cockpit

Fast and user-friendly application that centralizes all performance data​

Target: HR

Goal: Enable HR to manage all their scope from a single screen and enforce compliance with procedures and business needs

Our client wanted to propose a unique navigation experience throughout its digital HR landscape reflecting their unique DNA and branding which led to a custom HR portal embedding key data and key actions

Target: All employees

Goal: Boost the adoption of the portal and maximize the usage of the solution full suite​.

Increase efficiency your HR team’s  by minimizing navigation time within our  HRIS landscape by up to 50%

HR Efficiency
Compensation Calibration Deck

Automated solution to simplify the creation of calibration decks.

Target: All employees

Goal: Save time &​ make data-driven decision.

Vertical SaaS
Defered Bonus

Vertical solution dedicated exclusively for Banking & Insurance industry

Target: Executives, Regulated populations, Traders

Goal: Ensure efficiency and compliance in the financial services industry with an Oracle deferred compensation management  solution

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